first story.

oh. my god.

hi! im anakin. not skywalker. and that’s the ONLY thing im ever gonna tell you. nothing else. so, uh.. this is a blog. i got bored one day [4/1/16] and its funny cause i started this april fool’s day. but dont worry. this isnt a prank. LETS GO TO THE MAIN TOPIC HERE!

This blog will be a story-photo blog. With stories from my life, feelings, and PHOTOS. BLOODY PHOTOS.

“But why dont you just use instagram?”

well instagram is shit because the people got used to short captions and the people who dwell there has a short attention span. not everyone, though. and its like, you’re expected to post good looking photos with amazing filters.

And that’s a big no for me. I do not like being limited. I like being free. Free to post anything and say anything. Like here. Im talking about this. And this is me being free. Who cares if i cant afford the M5 filter in vsco cam? ¬†Who cares if my mum wont buy me an iPhone 6?

so yeah. thats the intro to this little blog. hey, future anakin, if you’re reading this, DONT YOU BLOODY LAUGH AT WHAT U WROTE HERE YA LIL SHIT. i just hope you’re still in school [foreshadowing??? who knows] and living your desired life with “an aesthetically pleasing apartment”. lolz.


love you guys! [if there even a single bean reading this]

anakin x


first story.