As you probably do not know, i make vlogs and never post them online. Only because i do not have proper recorders, except for my phone with such low quality camera. its a samsung, sadly. @ samsung, get your stuff straight !

But going back to the topic, i always say at the end of my videos the phrase “stay hydrated”, and if i have enough time i would make a compilation of me saying that phrase over and over again. Just becausd i strongly believe that every single being deserves enough water. Whether its humans, plants or animals.

I, personally, use my twitter account with over 5 thousand followers, to spread awareness. Every chance i get, i tweet photos of the people i adore (dw i share the same level of adoration with my followers) along with messages like “drink lots of water” or “stay hydrated”! I know the people probably do not do that, but sometimes when you see something unusual on your timeline, you just get this urge to just do it. Especially if it helps your body function.

Water is really important, as proof, here are some facts (that i googled because im bored :D)

1. Water helps you lose calories. well, not really. but if you substitute these babies insead of drinks with higher calories, it’ll definitely work.

2. They help your muscles get energized. you lose electrolytes everytime you sweat (idk thats what the pocari sweat commercial says) . Drinking watwr helps you get those electrostuff back.

3. It makes your skin look kawaii. When you are dehydrated, your skin would look dry and weird. even crustier than the krusty krab. If you stay hydrated, your skin would look normal and you can continue being squishy and that also means you can take selfies any time!

4. Water gives your kidney a hand. No, your kidney wont grow hands. But, your kidney’s are part of the excretory system, whereas you get rid of the unnecessary body fluids. So if you drink nuff water, your kidneys will be doing a good job at helping you excrete. (excrete is such a weird word wow i say it all the time irl)

5. If you can drink water anytime but you dont, just think about the people in africa. Not just in africa, also the people all around the world that do not have the power to use safe water. Twice the whole population of the USA. Thats the amount of people all over Earth who live without access to water that can be considered safe. So drink, whilst you can. Dont waste what the people should’ve been giving to the people in need just for you to waste them trying to wash your spork that fell down the clean floor.

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