[TUTORIAL] tips for voting BTS @ the 2017 BBMAs

as we all know, bangtan is up against jungkook’s beloved justin bieber– 2e5536d6a22e6a98502f1f5ed52759ccb4f86657_hq.gif

aka the one who won for 6 years straight since 2011.RIP. It’s heartbreaking, but with our dedication and the ARMYs joined together, i believe we can do it! [vote me for president next election]jin's-tears-of-joy.gif

In situations like these, TweetDeck feels like a gift from heaven. TweetDeck has this ‘Tweet from Multiple Accounts’ option, and it comes really handy especially for the people who has free follows. Below is a tutorial i made.


  • a hecc ton of twitter accounts that you remember the password to
  • a tweetdeck team connected to your twitter account
  • attentiveness


    1. leave your account on public, or uncheck the ‘protect my tweets’ option in the twitter settings
    2. do not add photos/videos/gifs
    3. do not mention @BTS_twt twice
    4. connect all twitter accounts into one team on tweetdeck.
    5. you can only vote 100 times on twitter.

if you already have free follows and they are connected to one tweetdeck team, skip this step.

—————————MAKING A TWEETDECK TEAM—————————

  1. go to tweetdeck and login using your twitter account.
  2. after logging in you will be redirected to this page [img below]. click on the right arrow thing to expand.1.jpg
  3. now click on ‘accounts’ and u will see your account there. then find the ‘Join another team’ and type the username of your other account on the bar below.


  4. click the account, and there will be a pop-up. type the password,  and then authorize. after that, your account will be added to the team.

5.  repeat steps 1-4 to add your other accounts.

the strategy in bullet form [no pics/simpler version]

—————————MAKING THE VOTING TWEETS—————————

  1. read the guidelines for voting first (thanks to bangtanintl!)
  2. proceed to tweetdeck, click new tweet.1.jpg
  3. select the accounts you would tweet from, MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS PUBLIC AND NOT TWEET PROTECTED! tweets from tweet protected accounts are not counted.2
  4. type ‘I voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award‘ for a start.

    the tweet can be written in a different style, but make sure to mention  ‘@BTS_twt’, ‘#BBMAs Top Social Artist Award’, and any form of the word ‘vote’. [example: vote, voting, voted]

    DO NOT include photos/videos/gifs, and DO NOT mention @BTS_twt twice.

  5. DO NOT CLICK TWEET YET or else you’ll end up like me looking like a crazy person tweeting before the voting actually starts lol. Scroll down and click ‘schedule tweet’ right below ‘add images’.3.jpg
  6. a calendar will pop-up, click on May 1 as shown in the photo. you can change the time too, i prefer to have it on different times. 15-30 minutes in-between would be great so the people who follow would not feel troubled.4
  7. click ‘Tweet at 1 May 2017’. make sure everything is spelt right and it’s set on may 1st !
  8. repeat the same procedure for the following days of voting!
    large (63)

    we can do this, ARMYs! 화이팅! feel free to add links/tips in the comments below to help!

[TUTORIAL] tips for voting BTS @ the 2017 BBMAs

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