[tutorial] BTS for BBMAs Strategy


  1. leave your account on public, or uncheck the ‘protect my tweets’ option in the twitter settings
  2. do not add photos/videos/gifs
  3. do not mention @BTS_twt twice
  4. connect all twitter accounts into one team on tweetdeck.
  5. you can only vote 100 times on twitter.

  • on TweetDeck, make a new tweet
  • select all of your accounts
  • type ‘I voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award’ for example
  • the tweet can be written in a different form;
    + use different forms of the word vote: vote, voting, voted
    [e.g: i voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award]
    + add an exclamation point in the end, or any characters.
    [e.g: i am voting @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award !!]
    + add spaces at the end of the tweet
    [e.g: i vote @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award     ]
  • scroll down and click schedule tweet, click may 1.
  • [optional] you can adjust the time of the tweet, preferrably 15-30 minutes in between to avoid spamming.a complete guide for the bbma voting: from making a tweetdeck to scheduling! [with imgs]

we can do this, ARMYs! 화이팅! feel free to add links/tips in the comments below to help!

[tutorial] BTS for BBMAs Strategy

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