how to choose a good twitter icon

[part one of the ‘how to join stan twitter’ series]

trust me. i’ve been doing this for years. this is a v detailed guide, i dont know why i spent two hours making this =_=

here are some helpful websites where you can get them A+ icons:


– most good icons come from weheartit. you can just search the name of the person you stan and then boom. for this example, let’s search for jung hoseok from bts. Type the name and then ‘lq’ , which stands for ‘low quality’. dont worry, its not pixelated or anything. it just means that it’s about 1080p or 720p or 480p. the perfect screenshot resolutions for a twt icon. click enter afterwards tho lol


then images will appear. you can scroll through them, sure. but that will take you AGES. personally, i’d like to click on ‘Collections’, and then look for a trustworthy collection.2.png

scroll through until you find a collection that looks ‘okay’. the good icons are usually not from official photoshoots, which are usually released by the official account of the people/person you stan. your stan’s selfies don’t usually count, but you can change your layout every now and then if you like, using your stan’s selfies, with a white header. [1] for this one, the ones with the arrows are what we call ‘good’.


once you click on the chosen collection, you will be redirected to this page. the images with arrows that show like qualities are what i have chosen. usually they are screenshots from Youtube videos; reasons why taking the screenshots myself isnt my first choice will be after this segment. 4.png

you can’t right click and save these images right away since they will just be ‘as it is’. right click on the image, click open LINK in new tab, wait for it to load, right click, and finally ‘save image as’. 5.pngsave it in a folder under a name like ‘icons’ or ‘lq bts’ on your computer so its easier to find them when you need it.6.png

follow my we heart it! 


– for some idols, there are these ‘archive’ or ‘lq’ accounts which keeps track of the images/good screenshots of a certain group/idol. choosing the lq images is recommended. for this example, let’s have the k-pop group pentagon.

if the name has a shorter version, you can use it to search since the makers of the account would prefer to have their @s short so its easier to remember/type. just like with nct, you type ‘nct’ and not ‘neo culture technology’. so type the name, and lq/archive/archives. choose one that looks trustworthy lol7.png

scroll through until you find an image you like, and then right click on the image (dont open in new tab) and then save image as.8.png

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YOUTUBE/DAILYMOTION/or literally any video

+ its not my first choice, but this is where the twitter and whi gets it from. the birth-giver, youtube. here you can adjust the quality from 360p to 1080p, and even 4k if it is available. for this example, let;s have got7’s jaebum and youngjae

here’s the sad part, you gotta load it to 480p and wait. 360p is okay but its not the best choice since it appears more pixelated. 9.png

wait for the part that you like, [dont mind me just a smol 2jae stan] in my case, i like this part and i want everyone to see this glorious moment in history on my icon. take a screenshot [prntscrn on windows, and screenshot on mobile y’all know it].

i’ll do the desktop way first, i’ll leave a link if i’ve done the mobile one. you can use ms paint, but the best option is photoshop. any version would do. it just costs, but photoshop maintains the quality of your screenshot. ms paint sometimes makes it look more pixelated.

[this can be optional since i remembered that twt has that cropping option, but you might have parts that you dont want in the image so i prefer editing.]


create a new file, paste the screenshot, then crop the image to 700×700 or 512×512. anything would do as long as it is proportional. make sure its of the same length and width!10.png11 boom.


click on file, then ‘new’. just copy my setting lol ,, 300dpi is good since the more pixels, means the more hd your img would turn out. click ok, and a white canvas will appear 12.png

paste your screenshot, and then move it to the center. doesnt really have to be in the center, just where it looks nice.13.png

drag it diagonally as mentioned in the img, and hold shift so it maintains its shape. do it until it looks just how you want it 🙂14.png

go click file, and then save as. save it as a ‘jpeg’ image.15.png

did y’all get why i dont like taking screenshots myself? yes, its because it takes time and because im too lazy.its just recently that i started using whi and twt, but eh. do what u want. i still use youtube to take good screenshots like the ones below tho ^^16.png

THAT WAS SO LONG OH MY GOD /// how to choose the perfect header for ur icon will be posted soon.

i made this thing by myself at 8pm while making fanart for a birthday coming up ;;

i own the images and text above, i made them in order to help. please appreciate the time and effort and PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. link to this post or message me on twitter for permission instead. 

thats all lol thanks for reading thru ❤

this is part one of how to join stan twitter, other posts will be up soon, so stay tuned! bookmark this page if u want tho lol it doesnt profit me in any way ngl so u go for it ;;

-anakin x

how to choose a good twitter icon

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