[TUTORIAL] tips for voting BTS @ the 2017 BBMAs

as we all know, bangtan is up against jungkook’s beloved justin bieber– 2e5536d6a22e6a98502f1f5ed52759ccb4f86657_hq.gif

aka the one who won for 6 years straight since 2011.RIP. It’s heartbreaking, but with our dedication and the ARMYs joined together, i believe we can do it! [vote me for president next election]jin's-tears-of-joy.gif

In situations like these, TweetDeck feels like a gift from heaven. TweetDeck has this ‘Tweet from Multiple Accounts’ option, and it comes really handy especially for the people who has free follows. Below is a tutorial i made.


  • a hecc ton of twitter accounts that you remember the password to
  • a tweetdeck team connected to your twitter account
  • attentiveness


    1. leave your account on public, or uncheck the ‘protect my tweets’ option in the twitter settings
    2. do not add photos/videos/gifs
    3. do not mention @BTS_twt twice
    4. connect all twitter accounts into one team on tweetdeck.
    5. you can only vote 100 times on twitter.

if you already have free follows and they are connected to one tweetdeck team, skip this step.

—————————MAKING A TWEETDECK TEAM—————————

  1. go to tweetdeck and login using your twitter account.
  2. after logging in you will be redirected to this page [img below]. click on the right arrow thing to expand.1.jpg
  3. now click on ‘accounts’ and u will see your account there. then find the ‘Join another team’ and type the username of your other account on the bar below.


  4. click the account, and there will be a pop-up. type the password,  and then authorize. after that, your account will be added to the team.

5.  repeat steps 1-4 to add your other accounts.

the strategy in bullet form [no pics/simpler version]

—————————MAKING THE VOTING TWEETS—————————

  1. read the guidelines for voting first (thanks to bangtanintl!)
  2. proceed to tweetdeck, click new tweet.1.jpg
  3. select the accounts you would tweet from, MAKE SURE YOUR ACCOUNT IS PUBLIC AND NOT TWEET PROTECTED! tweets from tweet protected accounts are not counted.2
  4. type ‘I voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award‘ for a start.

    the tweet can be written in a different style, but make sure to mention  ‘@BTS_twt’, ‘#BBMAs Top Social Artist Award’, and any form of the word ‘vote’. [example: vote, voting, voted]

    DO NOT include photos/videos/gifs, and DO NOT mention @BTS_twt twice.

  5. DO NOT CLICK TWEET YET or else you’ll end up like me looking like a crazy person tweeting before the voting actually starts lol. Scroll down and click ‘schedule tweet’ right below ‘add images’.3.jpg
  6. a calendar will pop-up, click on May 1 as shown in the photo. you can change the time too, i prefer to have it on different times. 15-30 minutes in-between would be great so the people who follow would not feel troubled.4
  7. click ‘Tweet at 1 May 2017’. make sure everything is spelt right and it’s set on may 1st !
  8. repeat the same procedure for the following days of voting!
    large (63)

    we can do this, ARMYs! 화이팅! feel free to add links/tips in the comments below to help!

[TUTORIAL] tips for voting BTS @ the 2017 BBMAs

[tutorial] BTS for BBMAs Strategy


  1. leave your account on public, or uncheck the ‘protect my tweets’ option in the twitter settings
  2. do not add photos/videos/gifs
  3. do not mention @BTS_twt twice
  4. connect all twitter accounts into one team on tweetdeck.
  5. you can only vote 100 times on twitter.

  • on TweetDeck, make a new tweet
  • select all of your accounts
  • type ‘I voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award’ for example
  • the tweet can be written in a different form;
    + use different forms of the word vote: vote, voting, voted
    [e.g: i voted @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award]
    + add an exclamation point in the end, or any characters.
    [e.g: i am voting @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award !!]
    + add spaces at the end of the tweet
    [e.g: i vote @BTS_twt for the #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award     ]
  • scroll down and click schedule tweet, click may 1.
  • [optional] you can adjust the time of the tweet, preferrably 15-30 minutes in between to avoid spamming.a complete guide for the bbma voting: from making a tweetdeck to scheduling! [with imgs]

we can do this, ARMYs! 화이팅! feel free to add links/tips in the comments below to help!

[tutorial] BTS for BBMAs Strategy

how to choose a good twitter icon

[part one of the ‘how to join stan twitter’ series]

trust me. i’ve been doing this for years. this is a v detailed guide, i dont know why i spent two hours making this =_=

here are some helpful websites where you can get them A+ icons:


– most good icons come from weheartit. you can just search the name of the person you stan and then boom. for this example, let’s search for jung hoseok from bts. Type the name and then ‘lq’ , which stands for ‘low quality’. dont worry, its not pixelated or anything. it just means that it’s about 1080p or 720p or 480p. the perfect screenshot resolutions for a twt icon. click enter afterwards tho lol


then images will appear. you can scroll through them, sure. but that will take you AGES. personally, i’d like to click on ‘Collections’, and then look for a trustworthy collection.2.png

scroll through until you find a collection that looks ‘okay’. the good icons are usually not from official photoshoots, which are usually released by the official account of the people/person you stan. your stan’s selfies don’t usually count, but you can change your layout every now and then if you like, using your stan’s selfies, with a white header. [1] for this one, the ones with the arrows are what we call ‘good’.


once you click on the chosen collection, you will be redirected to this page. the images with arrows that show like qualities are what i have chosen. usually they are screenshots from Youtube videos; reasons why taking the screenshots myself isnt my first choice will be after this segment. 4.png

you can’t right click and save these images right away since they will just be ‘as it is’. right click on the image, click open LINK in new tab, wait for it to load, right click, and finally ‘save image as’. 5.pngsave it in a folder under a name like ‘icons’ or ‘lq bts’ on your computer so its easier to find them when you need it.6.png

follow my we heart it! 


– for some idols, there are these ‘archive’ or ‘lq’ accounts which keeps track of the images/good screenshots of a certain group/idol. choosing the lq images is recommended. for this example, let’s have the k-pop group pentagon.

if the name has a shorter version, you can use it to search since the makers of the account would prefer to have their @s short so its easier to remember/type. just like with nct, you type ‘nct’ and not ‘neo culture technology’. so type the name, and lq/archive/archives. choose one that looks trustworthy lol7.png

scroll through until you find an image you like, and then right click on the image (dont open in new tab) and then save image as.8.png

follow my twitter!

YOUTUBE/DAILYMOTION/or literally any video

+ its not my first choice, but this is where the twitter and whi gets it from. the birth-giver, youtube. here you can adjust the quality from 360p to 1080p, and even 4k if it is available. for this example, let;s have got7’s jaebum and youngjae

here’s the sad part, you gotta load it to 480p and wait. 360p is okay but its not the best choice since it appears more pixelated. 9.png

wait for the part that you like, [dont mind me just a smol 2jae stan] in my case, i like this part and i want everyone to see this glorious moment in history on my icon. take a screenshot [prntscrn on windows, and screenshot on mobile y’all know it].

i’ll do the desktop way first, i’ll leave a link if i’ve done the mobile one. you can use ms paint, but the best option is photoshop. any version would do. it just costs, but photoshop maintains the quality of your screenshot. ms paint sometimes makes it look more pixelated.

[this can be optional since i remembered that twt has that cropping option, but you might have parts that you dont want in the image so i prefer editing.]


create a new file, paste the screenshot, then crop the image to 700×700 or 512×512. anything would do as long as it is proportional. make sure its of the same length and width!10.png11 boom.


click on file, then ‘new’. just copy my setting lol ,, 300dpi is good since the more pixels, means the more hd your img would turn out. click ok, and a white canvas will appear 12.png

paste your screenshot, and then move it to the center. doesnt really have to be in the center, just where it looks nice.13.png

drag it diagonally as mentioned in the img, and hold shift so it maintains its shape. do it until it looks just how you want it 🙂14.png

go click file, and then save as. save it as a ‘jpeg’ image.15.png

did y’all get why i dont like taking screenshots myself? yes, its because it takes time and because im too lazy.its just recently that i started using whi and twt, but eh. do what u want. i still use youtube to take good screenshots like the ones below tho ^^16.png

THAT WAS SO LONG OH MY GOD /// how to choose the perfect header for ur icon will be posted soon.

i made this thing by myself at 8pm while making fanart for a birthday coming up ;;

i own the images and text above, i made them in order to help. please appreciate the time and effort and PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. link to this post or message me on twitter for permission instead. 

thats all lol thanks for reading thru ❤

this is part one of how to join stan twitter, other posts will be up soon, so stay tuned! bookmark this page if u want tho lol it doesnt profit me in any way ngl so u go for it ;;

-anakin x

how to choose a good twitter icon


As you probably do not know, i make vlogs and never post them online. Only because i do not have proper recorders, except for my phone with such low quality camera. its a samsung, sadly. @ samsung, get your stuff straight !

But going back to the topic, i always say at the end of my videos the phrase “stay hydrated”, and if i have enough time i would make a compilation of me saying that phrase over and over again. Just becausd i strongly believe that every single being deserves enough water. Whether its humans, plants or animals.

I, personally, use my twitter account with over 5 thousand followers, to spread awareness. Every chance i get, i tweet photos of the people i adore (dw i share the same level of adoration with my followers) along with messages like “drink lots of water” or “stay hydrated”! I know the people probably do not do that, but sometimes when you see something unusual on your timeline, you just get this urge to just do it. Especially if it helps your body function.

Water is really important, as proof, here are some facts (that i googled because im bored :D)

1. Water helps you lose calories. well, not really. but if you substitute these babies insead of drinks with higher calories, it’ll definitely work.

2. They help your muscles get energized. you lose electrolytes everytime you sweat (idk thats what the pocari sweat commercial says) . Drinking watwr helps you get those electrostuff back.

3. It makes your skin look kawaii. When you are dehydrated, your skin would look dry and weird. even crustier than the krusty krab. If you stay hydrated, your skin would look normal and you can continue being squishy and that also means you can take selfies any time!

4. Water gives your kidney a hand. No, your kidney wont grow hands. But, your kidney’s are part of the excretory system, whereas you get rid of the unnecessary body fluids. So if you drink nuff water, your kidneys will be doing a good job at helping you excrete. (excrete is such a weird word wow i say it all the time irl)

5. If you can drink water anytime but you dont, just think about the people in africa. Not just in africa, also the people all around the world that do not have the power to use safe water. Twice the whole population of the USA. Thats the amount of people all over Earth who live without access to water that can be considered safe. So drink, whilst you can. Dont waste what the people should’ve been giving to the people in need just for you to waste them trying to wash your spork that fell down the clean floor.

Continue reading “WATER WATER WATER”


pilot should sponsor me and why you shouldnt buy kopiko 78°

hello children. is it okay? to call you my,, chILDREN?

kidding. so heres a blog post in memory of the photos i took back in 2015 or probs early. [january 1st] LEZ GO!

[Pressumably August One]

so the glorious day drag me down was released. Oh No sHit wait its the day AFTER the release. because i remember appreciating the pretty morning lighting and all of that. i was like “oh my god the color gives me LIFE. soOoOo aesthetically pleasing uGh” so i stole my mum’s pitch black pillow, put drag me down on replay, and did a photoshoot. LOOK AT THESE
Processed with VSCOcam
OH AND dont get me started on the way i added fade and contrast on this second picture. bLOODY HelL LOOK AT THAT. Instagram worthy, isnt it? but sadly, NO. not today instagram.Processed with VSCOcam
Processed with VSCOcam
another extremely disgusting  photoshoot and an obvious bed crease. YOU CAN LITERALLY TELL IM STANDING ON THE BLOODY BED! and p.s, this is shot on my grandmas bed. NICE
but check out that backstreet boys [cassette] mixtape! my mum used to sort of stan them, so she got that. and i was really happy that she still has it. SHE EVEN GOT A SIMON AND GARFUNKEL VINYL BEFORE. but she gave it to my infamous father. what a waste.



IMG20150823145958 wOwowowoow! what tickets are those, you ask? tickets for the train. no concert, no rollercoaster, no rocketship. just a boring train ride in our not-so-well served lrt. i went to the kia theatre for the MADE IN THE A.M album launch. it was really uneventful and boring. it just shows that I cant go to social gatherings like that.

album launch rating: 4/10





but literally everyone on instagram has probably posted a pic of them holding some evian bottle and louis posted a pic of it on his ig so why the fuck not.

i was literally in the supermarket and i was like “fiND EVIAN. NEED CUTE PIC. HIDE FROM SECURITY CAMERA.” does it even look like im in the grocery? yes? no?


[unknown date]

and so here i am. being the relaxed but stressed person some point in october. theres my crappu journal that i designed, and one of my favourite books when it comes to creative imagery.

Arlington Park by Rachel Cusk. I used to like books or fics with creative imagery. but now, i hate it.i used to think like “wow! really long paragraph with about 32 adjectives describing the wind!!!1!1”

like yeah they’re expressing art but i think its so unnecessary to be really long. especially when it could be just “the sky looks perfectly blue today” but its written as “i looked up to the sky, i saw the birds playing in the sky forming a great view. the sky looks like a huge blue blanket that’s been covering our eyes. covering the space, the stars, whatever is up in the sky. i feel like being cheated on” blah blah blah. [that was pretty good tho]

i dont like being spoonfed when it comes to reading. i like the idea of imagining the whole setting. lIKE LET ME LIVE. DONT SAY THE CRIMSON BLANKET IS MADE OUT OF COTTON WHEN I THOUGHT IT WAS SILK. SHUT UP MARGARETTE. (noah fence if ur name is actually margarette ily)

one last thing: do you see that Kopiko 78°? yes. never.buy.that.shit. @ kopiko if u plan on paying me to take this out of this post, well hell naw. you gave lots of students and faculty members tummy aches and palpitations! i’d rather spend 3 GBP on a caramel macchiato than to buy your cheap contaminated filth.

y’all think im a nine year old ranting about coffee. but im not. words dont have age. just because i say tummy. people say tummy! phil lester says tummy! he’s 29 ffs.anyway

also thats my favourite pen sat next to my lovely crap journal. Pilot Ballpoint something. its a 0.5mm. and the ink is so lovely! like rip me. best ink flow in existence. although the silver one is also cute, but i’ve handled this pen for about 7 times. it doesnt stick to paper, nor feel like you’re writing on a rock. its like tracing using a feather.

now PILOT if ya want me to promo im defo fine with that. always open for business and inquiries. just hmu on my email 😀 its on the about page. always available. you wont regret it.

anyway children, thats nuff for today. i’ll probably post another one on the blog some time soon [one hour later]but i dont like promises. so yeah, stay hydrated and always be determined. remember that you’ll meet your faves soon. love you! x















pilot should sponsor me and why you shouldnt buy kopiko 78°

first story.

oh. my god.

hi! im anakin. not skywalker. and that’s the ONLY thing im ever gonna tell you. nothing else. so, uh.. this is a blog. i got bored one day [4/1/16] and its funny cause i started this april fool’s day. but dont worry. this isnt a prank. LETS GO TO THE MAIN TOPIC HERE!

This blog will be a story-photo blog. With stories from my life, feelings, and PHOTOS. BLOODY PHOTOS.

“But why dont you just use instagram?”

well instagram is shit because the people got used to short captions and the people who dwell there has a short attention span. not everyone, though. and its like, you’re expected to post good looking photos with amazing filters.

And that’s a big no for me. I do not like being limited. I like being free. Free to post anything and say anything. Like here. Im talking about this. And this is me being free. Who cares if i cant afford the M5 filter in vsco cam?  Who cares if my mum wont buy me an iPhone 6?

so yeah. thats the intro to this little blog. hey, future anakin, if you’re reading this, DONT YOU BLOODY LAUGH AT WHAT U WROTE HERE YA LIL SHIT. i just hope you’re still in school [foreshadowing??? who knows] and living your desired life with “an aesthetically pleasing apartment”. lolz.


love you guys! [if there even a single bean reading this]

anakin x


first story.